Caring guide

Caring for your handmade leather accessory. 

Our original designs are handmade in Brazil using only the finest of materials. We can’t provide you with a limitless guarantee for our products but if any faults occur with the materials or workmanship within six months of purchase, we promise to take it very seriously.

After this time we do have a repair and refresh service, so we can keep your accessory looking tip top.
As a natural material, leather does require some care and looking after. Our accessories are made from vegetable tanned leather and nubuck (similar to suede), and to keep them at their best we recommend the following:

Vegetable tanned leather: Cleaning with a soft cloth and some good quality leather cream once in a while. Allow the cream to dry before bringing to sheen with a soft cloth, to help moisturise the leather, keeping it in tip top condition. If the accessory becomes muddy, then clean with a damp soft cloth and allow to dry naturally, away from direct heat.

Nubuck leather: Nubuck leather is incredibly soft and it has a texture similar to velvet. But, it also makes nubuck the most difficult leather to maintain, that’s why we apply nubuck protector on each accessory before selling it.
You can clean it with a soft cloth. You can also use a nubuck cleaner. When cleaning nubuck with a liquid cleaner, you will need to clean the entire piece to make sure the colour remains even.
Re-protect! After cleaning with either a cleaning cloth or nubuck cleaner, you should always re-apply a nubuck protector. Always allow it to dry naturally and away from direct heat.

After cleaning, wipe any Czech Crystal, pearl or metal elements with a clean dry cloth.

* For dogs collars: Remove the collar if your dog is playing rough, swimming or scratching excessively.

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