Santa Catarina Moda Contemporânea (SCMC) is a programme which was created in order to improve the work and education of talented student designers in both technical and personal practices. It was created to encourage and incentivise the development of an environment of innovation, design and fashion culture. To dare, challenge, break paradigms, question and to always have a new perspective, are the enduring values and DNA of the programme.

Luiza Ferreira was a member of the SCMC year #6 (2010/2011) programme, with Jackson Araujo as Creative Director.

During this time, she developed and created a Capsule Collection focused on knitwear.
Project Theme: “Inside Out”
Collection Title: “X”



GRUPO DIANA + Luiza Ferreira and Pedro Antônio

Loose knitwear posing as skin, imprinting the body with designs which infuse our beings with life. Mimicking our own life story which continues to evolve over time, creating new desires and life moments.

This theme of constant evolution is revealed through a series of x-ray images, placing the ‘look’ in contact with the cells that construct this new ‘technoderme’.

An assortment of stitching techniques brings life to the Capsule Collection and architecturally constructed light uniforms serve to hide and reveal surfaces, drawing the skin with irregular features akin to the drops of sweat on one’s body.

Pure erotic fiction.


Video SCMC


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