Luiza Ferreira is a jewellery and leather accessories brand that caters to a contemporary and innovative client. Considered a noble item, leather is the main material of work, and it is dedicated to craft an exclusive technique.

It is mainly inspired by Escapism, reinterpreted by organic shapes and delicate complements presented in nature. The pieces are modern and can be enjoyed by its textures or uneven surfaces. There is simplicity in audacity.

The brand Luiza Ferreira is not just about fashion, it is the result of a fusion between art and experimentation. The skin mixed with metal plated and natural stones gives a new look to its artefacts: Concept. The new luxury.

Luiza Ferreira is a Fashion Designer based in Blumenau, Brazil, with a degree from the Universidade Regional de Blumenau (FURB). She went on to specialize in Industrial Production and Styling at SENAI, and gained further experience in Accessories, Photography and Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Working with designers including Úna Burke, Edward Griffiths, and Christiane Mundim Lindner, Luiza has amassed a wealth of experience that she channels into her own design.

Luiza is interested in aesthetics and unique creations and is inspired by the environment around her... Fashion to Luiza is made up of art and culture, and don´t need to be high tech in order to have significant impact. Fashion is art: the pursuit of beauty in fashion links a designer's creation to that of an artist. After all, what is fashion without art, or art without fashion?

As a designer, Luiza Ferreira believes that a well-developed collection holds more sentiment to its owner than its basic function. Whether with basic materials or sophisticated materials, creative design can provide an effective emotive response, raising the imagination and awakening desire.




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